Jennifer Stewart



Marsha has been very patient with me, a tech-challenged grandma who enjoys writing. She’s had to explain and teach many tech details. It’s been an intensive process for her, working with the tech challenged. I know she’s had to take a lot of deep breaths at some of my questions, but she continued to assist me with professionalism and patience. This I value and appreciate.

Her virtual assistance website makes it easy for the customer to keep up with all the details. She’s very thorough with her documentation of services completed, maintained, and those planned as well. l I’ve even used her records to verify my own passwords because I failed to keep records myself.

Marsha has assisted me with email marketing, backing up the blog, updating plugins, and other assorted issues pertaining to my tech questions.

I would highly recommend her services to others and I appreciate all that she has done to assist me in my endeavors.

Deborah Crocker



What a lifesaver! I’ve been overwhelmed with work and was happy to find Marsha to help me. Dynamic VA Services (Inspired Socially at present)o ffers so much help. I had Marsha work on my social media posts for Facebook and Pinterest. It was so nice to have that taken over. I didn’t have to worry that posts were going up regularly, so my traffic stayed consistent.

She also offered the service of checking all of the images on my blog to make sure they were input correctly for Pinterest. That was really helpful and I had them wrong for many posts. I was so relieved. Thanks for all your help!!

Tara Bench





El Shaddai Flushing Cell Group


El Shaddai Flushing Cell Group