Continuation of Starting Your Day Right

* Be Mindful – It’s super important for your success to always be focused and mindful about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. If you don’t know why, you’ll lose focus and not be able to make the best choices. If it helps, keep your mission statement visible so that you can look at it for a reminder.

* Have a Good Setup – You want to be comfortable in your work environment, but it also has to be functional. Ensure that everything is there that needs to be and that it’s set up to be healthy for you. How you sit, how you work, and where you store stuff will matter in how efficient you are.

* Exercise – Yes, you probably hear that all the time. But, this is important for your health and life. Moving and doing something you enjoy – walking, yoga, swimming or something else entirely – is a great way to help clear your mind and improve your energy

* Know Your Goals – Being able to visualize success is a great way to create success. Create a vision board that you can look at so that you’ll be able to see why you’re doing what you’re doing. Knowing why will be very helpful to help you make the most of everything you do.

* Learn to Say No – Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. Saying yes to too many people can end up adding up to a big fat no to what you want to do or what you need. Learn to pause and say you’ll think about it.

* Let Go of Negative People – It can be hard, especially if they’re family – but you need to let go of negative people who suck the joy and the will to succeed out of life. If they’re family, limit exposure; if they’re not, try to distance yourself as much as possible. You’ll be glad you did.

Remember that there is no one who can decide for you what constitutes success. Some people love to start their morning with a hot cup of coffee on the porch. Others like to start their day at noon. It’s up to you.

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