You’ll read many guides about how to start your day so that you reach all your goals. Some will say get up early before everyone else, and others will create a schedule for you that seems overwhelming and difficult.

Instead of these tips, this article is going to suggest the best way to start your day so that you’re successful, without telling you when you need to officially start your day. Why? Everyone is different and what is good for one person may not be good for you.

*Develop a Routine – Running a business is not like having a hobby where you can work on it only when the inspiration strikes you. Instead, if you develop a routine that gets results for you, you will see a lot more success. For example, if you’re a coder, make sure you code a certain number of hours a day.

* Anticipate Distractions – Everyone who owns a business ends up having distractions, because life is just full of distractions. Electricity goes out for no reason; computers crash, car wrecks happen and people get sick. Good distractions happen too. Who can turn down a sweet three-year-old’s desire to have a tea party? Add these into your schedule so you can anticipate these distractions.

* Stop Multitasking – One of the worst things to come about in our modern society is multitasking. This is the act of trying to do more than one thing at a time. The truth is your brain is not capable of doing that. You may think you’re doing it fine, but you’re not. Stop doing it.

* Go Over Yesterday – Before you look at your list of things to do today, go over what happened yesterday. If something important did not get done, move it to the top of your list. But, pay attention to whether or not you are making your lists too long. Your priority each day in business is to earn money. Complete money-making activities first before moving on to other things.

* Review Your Priorities for Today – As you go over today’s workload, again, ask yourself whether or not you’re over-scheduling yourself. You should schedule in all the things you need to do with your family and your life to stay healthy (such as going to the Y to work out), and then schedule in the work you need to do as well. Always give yourself more time than you think it will take.

(to be continued)

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