The holidays are an important time of year for most businesses. If you and your audience love the holidays, it’s important to bring them into your marketing strategy and acknowledge that they’re happening.

* Change Your Colors and Fonts

You can change things about your customers’ experience just by changing up the colors and fonts on your home page to make it more like the holidays. It can also be fun with your audience to get them into the spirit along with you.

* Use Holiday-Inspired Imagery

Even if you don’t want to change the fonts, you can change the images you use in your blog posts and other types of posts to reflect the season. This can bring a mood of the holiday to your business.

* Change Up Your Logo

Add some bling to your logo to bring out the holiday. For example, for Halloween you might add a black cat in the background; for Christmas you might add some glitter. It’s up to you.

* Create Holiday-Related Promotions Develop

some promotions that you’ll be able to name to each holiday that’s upcoming. You can take any sale and call it your Christmas promotion or your Be Thankful event.

* Hook Them with Your Holiday Content

Add in some holiday-related content such as stories about the holiday, history about the holiday, and how that relates to your product or service. You’ll soon have enough holiday newsletter information.

* Bring the Holiday Spirit into Tweets

Tweet out different holiday reminders about your upcoming specials. Find holiday-related quotes that you can tie into your promotions too. Make memes, videos, and more to share to increase the holiday spirit but to also promote your products.

* Put Up a New Profile Picture

Get a headshot of you with your holiday outfit on, or your entire family, or your colleagues at an event, and make it your profile picture. Group pictures are fabulous for bringing in a feeling of fun.

* Share Your Holiday Fun

Don’t be afraid to share images of your family, your friends, and others having fun at parties. Ask your fans to do the same thing. If you have a business that is easily related to the holidays, it’ll be even easier.

Plan everything in advance so you’ll be ready. You don’t want to bother with too many last-minute holiday promotions that don’t work. Instead, plan in advance so that you’ll be ready, and your audience will be excited to see what you do.

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