Keeping sales going when people are distracted by the holiday season can be tricky. For some types of businesses it’s their busy time. For other types of businesses it’s hard to compete with all the holiday gift-giving distractions. But no matter where your business falls, you can boost sales if you have a plan.

* Start Early

Don’t wait until it’s already holiday time. Instead, get an early start on holiday promotions. Tease your audience about the upcoming holiday sales and specials you’re having at least a month prior to the holidays.

* Research Keywords

Do some brand new keyword research so that you can create content and sales information with those keywords inside, and also so that you can bid on those keywords in your marketing efforts.

* Create the Right Content

Using the keyword research you did, be sure to create the right content to make the most of your marketing. Create informational posts, sales pages, email series, social media posts and more, all for your holiday sale.

* Rewrite Your Buyer Personas

Think about your audience during the holidays. What are they doing? Are they running from here to there trying to be everything and do everything? Can you help them? Or, are they the type that don’t celebrate the holidays much and need something to distract them from the rest of the universe?

* Consider Focusing Locally

Depending on your product or service, consider changing your focus to your local area during the holidays. It might be easier to narrow your audience a lot more at this time.

* Upsell and Cross-Sell

Once you get your customer into your email list, it’s important to always offer an upsell and/or a cross-sell within your promotions to them. This will increase sales exponentially.

* Demonstrate Your Products

Demonstrating the products you are selling during the holidays is a good way to get attention, especially if you can relate them to the holiday. You can demonstrate them on video and put them on YouTube or share via email autoresponder series.

* Incentivize Affiliates

If you have affiliates, it’s a great idea to host a contest right before the holidays. If you give them exciting incentives, they’ll work hard to promote your products and/or services for you.

* Be Yourself

Remember to always keep your voice during any type of promotions. You don’t want to sound different just because it’s the holiday. If you keep your tone, voice, humor and yourself intact, you’ll keep attracting your target audience.

Boosting holiday sales is important because you don’t want to lose momentum due to the holiday. Instead, build momentum and give your customers a reason to buy from you this holiday season.

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